The Trouble With Jessica (2024)

The Trouble With Jessica (2024) streaming

The Trouble With Jessica
Grande-Bretagne, 2024, 1h 30min
4K ULTRA HD / Français

"The Trouble With Jessica" is a French romantic comedy film directed by Matt Winn. The story revolves around Jessica, a young and beautiful woman who seems to have everything going for her. However, despite her seemingly perfect life, she constantly finds herself in all sorts of trouble.

Jessica has a habit of always getting involved in chaotic situations, often due to her impulsive nature and bad decision-making skills. Whether it's getting into embarrassing mishaps at work, stumbling into complicated love triangles, or finding herself caught up in wild adventures, Jessica's life is anything but ordinary.

One day, Jessica's life takes a surprising turn when she meets Maxime, a charming and mysterious man who seems to appear whenever she finds herself in trouble. As she falls head over heels for him, Jessica begins to question whether their encounters are mere coincidences or if Maxime is somehow connected to all the chaos in her life.

"The Trouble With Jessica" is a lighthearted and entertaining film that combines comedy, romance, and a touch of mystery. As Jessica navigates through her many predicaments, she is forced to confront her own flaws and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

Will Jessica finally find true love and overcome her troubles? Or will she continue to spiral into ever more hilarious and outrageous situations? Find out in this enchanting and whimsical tale of love, self-discovery, and the unpredictability of life.

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