Daaaaaali ! (2024)

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Daaaaaali !
France, 2024, 1h 17min
4K ULTRA HD / Français

"Daaaaaali !" is a surreal comedy film directed by Quentin Dupieux. The story revolves around Dali, a young man who suddenly discovers that he has the ability to communicate with inanimate objects. This newfound power leads him to embark on a bizarre and hilarious journey, as he navigates through a world where everyday objects come to life and have their own personalities.

As Dali explores his new ability, he befriends a talking car, a sentient coffee maker, and a sassy lampshade. Together, they go on misadventures and encounter a variety of quirky characters along the way. Dali's interactions with these animated objects eventually raise philosophical questions about the nature of existence and the thin line between reality and imagination.

Throughout the film, Quentin Dupieux blends absurd humor with his signature deadpan style, creating a uniquely surreal atmosphere. The cinematography is filled with vibrant colors and clever visual gags, adding to the overall surreal and whimsical tone of the movie.

"Daaaaaali !" is a playful and imaginative film that explores the human desire to give life and meaning to the objects around us. It showcases Quentin Dupieux's talent for creating offbeat and unconventional stories that challenge conventional filmmaking norms. This comedic journey invites audiences to embrace the absurd and enjoy the unpredictability of life.

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