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The Crow
U.S.A., 2024, 1h 30min
4K ULTRA HD / Français

The Crow is a dark and gritty film directed by Rupert Sanders. It follows the story of Eric Draven, a man who is brutally murdered along with his fiancée on the eve of their wedding day. One year later, Eric is resurrected by a mystical crow and given supernatural abilities to seek vengeance on those responsible for his and his fiancée's deaths.

As Eric hunts down each of his killers, he crosses paths with a corrupt and powerful crime lord who will stop at nothing to protect his empire. With each confrontation, Eric becomes more entrenched in the violent world of the city's criminal underbelly, teetering on the edge of madness as he struggles to maintain his humanity.

The Crow explores themes of justice, revenge, and redemption as Eric battles both inner and outer demons on his quest for justice. It is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful film that delves into the darker aspects of human nature while offering a glimmer of hope and catharsis in the face of tragedy.

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